008: interabang, interabang

to be played at: Topshop Unique, Louise Gray, House of Holland for the girl: who never lost her amazing five year old experimental dress sensibilities, for Leandra and Susie mood: This happened this week. “The Circus of Fashion” Suzy – “Blog is an Ugly Word” Leandra – “The Sad Clown”  Susie Its just sad. Because words … Continue reading

007: sounds all around

to be played at: Comme des Garçons, Alexander Wang, Rick Owens, Alexander McQueen, Versace for the girl: who is dark but not goth, beautiful but not conventional mood: In “Interruption in Space,” Marina Abramovic and Ulay repeatedly run full force into a wall. It is horrifying/dark – it caused a lump to form in my … Continue reading

006: young & grown

to be played at: Balmain or Isabel Marant for the girl: who is young & grown mood: This playlist is dedicated to my bestest – my constant influence, inspiration, and support. I focused on songs that tell the story of a young & grown girl on the pursuit to happiness. I included non-rap covers of … Continue reading

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