008: interabang, interabang

to be played at: Topshop Unique, Louise Gray, House of Holland for the girl: who never lost her amazing five year old experimental dress sensibilities, for Leandra and Susie mood: This happened this week. “The Circus of Fashion” Suzy – “Blog is an Ugly Word” Leandra – “The Sad Clown”  Susie Its just sad. Because words … Continue reading

002: the epic age

to be played at: Balenciaga for the girl: who is “like John Rambo meets Polly Pocket; Dakota Fanning crossed with Death Wish 4.” – Mark Millar, Kick-Ass. mood: The initial inspiration was the word “EPIC.”  I focused on two songs, “Once Upon a Time in China” by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and “The … Continue reading

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