011: everything has an end

to be played at: Tsumori Chistao

for the grown woman that maintains her girl sparkle

mood: This playlist was simply inspired by the impending end to cold/bitter Winter. I focused on the beautiful song “Exits” by L. Pierre – the song Frédéric Sanchez used to open Tsumori Chisato’s latest collection. I juxtaposed slow waltzes with Hawaiian-tang. There is a sadden/beauty to this playlist that results in hope. This hope is prevalent in all of Tsumori Chistao’s collections. Without speaking, Chistao’s models scream, I am grown, but still kid-like – her clothes shout, I am elegant, but still cartoon-like. I hope we all become weathered, but never grow up, just like Chistao.

playlist (1 hour, 1 minute):

Weirs Way – L. Pierre

Look Darling, It’s Starting to Snow – Dollboy

Everything Has an End, Even Sadness – Kaki King

Lord Knows Best – Dirty Beaches

Exits – L. Pierre, Tsumori Chisato FW 2013

Sunshine Superman – Donovan

Perpetuum Mobile – Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Burberry Prorsum SS 2012

Funnel of Love (Cover) – Duck and Cover

Total Horizontal – L. Pierre

The Plug – Bonobo

Beachy Head (Bonobo Remix) – Mechanical Me

Balance – Future Islands

Crush – L. Pierre

Sweet 17 – Dirty Beaches, Timo Weiland SS 2012

Sunset Liner – Ducktails

West – Tancred

click to listen to 011: everything has an end

songs that didn’t make the playlist (unavailable on spotify): Bruno Spoerri – Winding Down, Tsumori Chisato FW 2013

“Everything sounds so clean and clinical and perfect today, but I love hearing something that sounds worn and suggests the music has a history. It’s gorgeous and sad at once, as though it’s lived a life and survived to tell the tale.” – Aidan Moffat


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