009: the narnian world of rodarte

to be played at: Rodarte FW 2013, SS 2013

for the girl: transported between Narnia and the real world.

mood: Narnia. Each season the Mulleavy Sisters transport us from this world to a world of psychedelic imagination, where woven dark/light layers create true/unique beauty. For 363 days, we cannot escape to this Rodarte-Narnia. This playlist is all-but-a-memory of the last Narnian-adventure. It will have to suffice until our next journey… in September.

playlist (1 hour):

Pepper – Butthole Surfers, Rodarte FW 2013

Blackhole – Beck, Rodarte FW 2013

Texas Never Whispers –Pavement, Rodarte FW 2013

Virginia Reel Around the Fountain – The Halo Benders, Rodarte FW 2013

Don’t Touch My Bikini – The Halo Benders

Start Choppin’ – Dinosaur Jr., Rodarte FW 2013

Bleach – Little Annie

Decora –Yo La Tengo, Rodarte SS 2013

Bordeaux – The Durutti Column, Rodarte SS 2013

Invisible Man – The Breeders, Rodarte SS 2013

A Forest – The Cure, Rodarte SS 2013

Third Uncle – Brian Eno, Rodarte SS 2013

Bela Lugosi’s Dead (Cover) – The Precious Few

The Wooden Song – Butthole Surfers

click to listen to 009: the narnian world of rodarte

“You’ve been sneaking second helpings, haven’t you?” from the Chronicles of Narnia


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