008: interabang, interabang

to be played at: Topshop Unique, Louise Gray, House of Holland

for the girl: who never lost her amazing five year old experimental dress sensibilities, for Leandra and Susie

mood: This happened this week. “The Circus of Fashion” Suzy“Blog is an Ugly Word” Leandra“The Sad Clown”  Susie

Its just sad. Because words are actually hurtful and can squash creativity.

Yes. Fashion week has become a street style circus. Yes. The blog-world has become overpopulated. But. Leandra and Susie (etc…) aren’t “peacocking” and haven’t caused the insanity. Leandra and Susie seriously just…have…personal…style. They love fashion. They study it. They experiment with it. And, I’m glad they blog it – (if blog is too dirty) document it – (even more PG) share it. Because…it…is…inspiring.

When I started this playlist, these articles were not yet written. So it would be a lie to say that the articles were the initial inspiration. But it is fitting that this playlist and these articles came out in the same week. Leandra and Susie  have an unique ability to combine elements just so – to perfectly reflect who they are. This playlist is an eclectic blend of electronic innuendo dance music mimicking the mesmerizing, mysterious, captivating effect of personal style.

In the end, I just want to thank Leandra and Susie. Ask them to keep doing what they do. Because it does mean something to someone…me.

playlist (1 hour, 1 minute):

On the Dub-ble – DJ Krush

Short/Skirt Long/Jacket – Cake

Homme – Brazilian Girls

Electro Karaoke – Fujiya & Miyagi

Bitte Bitte – Chikinki

Va Fan Gör Du – Friends

Don’t Stop – Riton Re-Rub Instrumental – Brazilian Girls

Talk to Me – Misstress Barbara ft. Brazilian Girls

Rose Quartz – Toro Y Moi

Ecstatic Dancer – Fujiya & Miyagi

Don’t Stop – Brazilian Girls

Feel It – Karmon

Hot Topic – Le Tigre, Chloé SS 2012

click to listen to 008: interabang, interabang

“Insist on yourself. Never imitate.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


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